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We mainly use PE-HD (HDPE – high density polyethylene) in the manufacture of our products. This material is a partially crystalline thermoplastic that is far superior to many other substances. As the world market leader in this sector with experience gained over many years, we are the go-to company for PE-HD.

PE-HD (HDPE) – Perga GmbH
PE-HD (HDPE) – Perga GmbH

With its numerous properties, Perga films made from PE-HD (HDPE) offer very convincing benefits. For example, PE-HD withstands aggressive substances and is highly resistant to mechanical stress.
Joachim Michenfelder • Development manager

PE-HD has many
special properties

PE-HD is not only resistant to aggressive substances and highly resistant to external stress, it is also very reliable under extreme climatic conditions. PE-HD blown film materials can also be stretched extremely thinly. Their stiffness ensures good machinability and makes them highly suitable for automatic processing.

  • Extremely thin manufacture
  • Toughness and rigidity
  • Good resistance to stress cracks
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Good processing properties
  • Tear-resistant and greaseproof
  • Physiologically safe and food-safe
  • 100 % recyclable
PE-HD (HDPE) – Perga GmbH

HDPE is suitable for
many applications

Our materials are very versatile. Perga processes PE-HD (high density polyethylene, also known as HDPE) into high quality films with a variety of properties – always 100 % tailored to customer requirements. The main application is films for packaging and the food industry (food and non-food sector). PE-HD is a partially crystalline material that is far superior to many other substances.

Sustainable production
with the right raw materials

In the coextrusion process, various types of polyethylene are processed – in several layers. By using PE-HD, these products can be made much thinner, whilst retaining their physical characteristics. All the PE raw materials we use are environmentally compatible and comply with the valid EU directives for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, as well as US regulations (FDA).

PE-HD (HDPE) – Perga GmbH

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