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High tech films for industry

High performance laminated films

For food and non-food applications

Flat polyethylene films with low thickness and width tolerances, good flatness and excellent sealing properties deliver the high quality you require of your compound material. These characteristics ensure good machinability and high cycle rates. In conjunction with other materials, our laminated films ensure your product packaging is perfectly airtight. The contents are kept safe and hygienic.


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Development and modification

Customisation is no problem

Our customers benefit from our decades of experience, our ability to innovate and our continual product development. The efforts we make to meet our customers’ individual requirements lead us to new formulations and product features. These could benefit you too!

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Laminated polyethylene films

A sealing medium for the most diverse applications

Our laminated films are developed in line with the requirements of the application, modified several times if necessary, and rolled out. Their good sealing properties offer high product reliability. The films can be transparent, white, or in other colours as required.

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The right design for your applications

Joint development and ongoing dialogue with our customers

Our laminated film is used in applications for the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the non-food sector. For these applications in particular, the packaging is subject to strict requirements, in order to protect the contents effectively and securely from contaminants and spoilage.

Available in the following

pergafilm HDPE
pergafilm LDPE
pergafilm COEX

Laminated films

Our films can be found, for example, on the following products:

  • Blister packs
  • Cosmetics
  • Washing powder packaging
  • Thermal bags
  • Cement and construction material sacks
  • Pre-cut sheets for food
  • Pet food
  • Bag-in-box packaging for drinks
  • Coffee
  • and many more …

Special material design?

With our 4 product lines, we can easily meet all customer requirements, even the most complex ones.

Produkt Linie pergafilm EN

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White line

Functional and 100 % recyclable

Perga’s classic tried-and-tested polyethylene products – 100 % recyclable and high quality.
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Blue line

Recycling as it
should be

We use recycled plastic as our raw material in this product line. You can choose between post-consumer and post-industrial recycling. This helps to protect valuable raw materials and ensures a closed material cycle.
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Color line

Mixing it up

A colourful mix of diverse materials other than plastic, for every conceivable purpose.
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Green line

For the environment

Film manufactured with alternative, sustainable and regenerative raw materials. Our materials are highly environmentally responsible and some are even compostable.

Do you have a special requirement?
Ask Perga!

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