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High tech films for industry

High performance films for automated filling

For a variety of uses

Both PE-LD and PE-HD films are used for the automatic packaging of food and non-food products. These types of film have precisely cut edges with properties designed for optimum, fault-free processing for automated package filling. For natural products such as soil, peat, bark mulch, etc., we use very tough coextruded films with a black inner layer and a shiny outer surface. Excellent screen flexographic printing provides the finishing touch.


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Custom printing

Your films will be printed according to your individual requirements.

We can print your films for automated filling with up to 8 colours. This individuality will ensure your products make a lasting impression.

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Certified hygiene

Our name stands for food-safe packaging and films.

Our production processes strictly observe and consistently implement hygiene standards. With our packaging, you are 100 % secure – we guarantee it.

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The right properties

Precisely and individually tailored to your requirements and applications.

Other optional properties include high tear resistance, antistatic, anti-UV, anti-block, anti-friction or non-slip. Our customers can choose from printed or unprinted, perforated or non-perforated materials, with or without barrier.

Available in the following

pergafilm HDPE
pergafilm LDPE
pergafilm COEX

film for automated filling

Our films can be found, for example, on the following products:

  • Cereals
  • Rice
  • Meat and vegetables
  • Pastries
  • Pizza
  • Fish
  • Crushed ice
  • Bark mulch
  • Pellets
  • Soil
  • and many more …

Special material design?

With our 4 product lines, we can easily meet all customer requirements, even the most complex ones.

Produkt Linie pergafilm EN

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White line

Functional and 100 % recyclable

Perga’s classic tried-and-tested polyethylene products – 100 % recyclable and high quality.
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Blue line

Recycling as it
should be

We use recycled plastic as our raw material in this product line. You can choose between post-consumer and post-industrial recycling. This helps to protect valuable raw materials and ensures a closed material cycle.
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Color line

Mixing it up

A colourful mix of diverse materials other than plastic, for every conceivable purpose.
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Green line

For the environment

Film manufactured with alternative, sustainable and regenerative raw materials. Our materials are highly environmentally responsible and some are even compostable.

Do you have a special requirement?
Ask Perga!

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