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The allfolin® range

Sustainable packaging

Deli containers with freshness guarantee

Transparent, visible freshness

Deli containers guarantee a fresh taste. Our containers are used for packing delicatessen products at numerous locations, such as butchers’ sales counters, weekly markets and the delicatessen departments of many shopping centres and supermarkets. Appetising salads and other deli foods can be pre-packaged and beautifully presented in containers of various shapes and sizes (125-1000 g).

Proven benefits of allfolin®

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Perfectly fitting, tightly sealing lid for easy transportation.

No leaks. No unpleasant smell. One special feature of the deli containers is the perfectly fitting, tightly sealing lids. Amongst other benefits, this facilitates the transport of liquid food products.

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Handy containers that keep their shape

The deli containers makes your fresh produce look even more attractive.

The plastic does not affect the smell and flavour of the deli foods in any way. The perfectly fitting lids ensure an airtight seal, keeping the food fresh and tasty for a long time.

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100 %

Sustainability and environmental protection are our top priorities.

Sustainable production is a key area of responsibility for Perga. All our lids and containers are therefore 100 % recyclable and can be easily re-processed in order to obtain new granulate. This ensures a closed material cycle.

The allfolin® cup brand concept

Transparent, visible freshness

The allfolin® cup series is our brand for deli containers. It guarantees sealed-in freshness for delicatessen products, salads, cream cheese, antipasti and many more. We produce our 4 and 8-corner boxes in many different sizes and designs. allfolin® cup products come in highly transparent and opaque versions (mostly white) – depending on customer requirements. They are absolutely waterproof and airtight, very easy to write or print on, and resistant to cold and heat. You can rest assured that they comply with all food safety regulations, and that you are offering your customers packaging that is both environmentally responsible and 100 % recyclable.

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Properties of the
allfolin® cup series

Keeps freshness for longer

  • Eminently suitable for packaging food
  • Ensures the greatest possible level of freshness
  • For deli foods, salads and much more
  • Waterproof, airtight and writeable
  • Cold and heat-resistant
  • Compliant with all food safety regulations
  • Environmentally responsible and recyclable

Sustainable material properties?

With our 4 product lines, we can easily meet all customer requirements, even the most complex ones.

Produkt Linie allfolin EN

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White line

100 % recyclable

Perga’s classic tried-and-tested polyethylene products – 100 % recyclable and high quality. Our white line is available in the following designs:
White Line Classic The proven
White Line Öko Emphasises
White Line Premium The exclusive
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Blue line

Recycling as it
should be

We use recycled plastic as our raw material in this product line. You can choose between post-consumer and post-industrial recycling. This helps to protect valuable raw materials and ensures a closed material cycle.
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Color line

Mixing it up

A colourful mix of diverse materials other than plastic, for every conceivable purpose.
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Green line

For the environment

Film manufactured with alternative, sustainable and regenerative raw materials. Our materials are highly environmentally responsible and some are even compostable.

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