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The allfolin® range

Sustainable packaging

Sacks and

Available in a wide
variety of designs

We mainly use PE-HD (HDPE – high density polyethylene) in the manufacture of our allfolin® products. This material is a partially crystalline thermoplastic that is far superior to many other substances. Our manufacturing department makes sacks and covers in a broad range of widths, thicknesses and designs. Our service portfolio covers almost any customer requirement. Side gusset sacks or flat sacks; loose, in blocks or on a roll – we supply printed liners, covers, transport sacks and disposal sacks according to your individual specifications.

Proven benefits of allfolin®

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Custom printing

Sacks printed for your individual needs

Create a lasting impression with printed sacks and covers. We can put your logo, cover image, slogan or company address on your products and personalise them with your company colours.

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The right film

We meet your requirements with a broad product range

We meet our customers’ individual needs with a broad product range: including sacks on a roll in various sizes, with perforation to facilitate tearing off, waterproof and food-safe liners, and tear-resistant sacks suitable for storing and transporting heavy goods.

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High sustainability

Sustainability goes without saying at Perga

The products in our allfolin® range offer sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions. The films for our sacks and covers are manufactured using state of the art extrusion equipment, which also enables us to produce films that are not only very thin and light, but also tear and puncture-resistant. Lighter material weight plays an important role in preventing waste and protecting the environment.

The allfolin® bag brand concept

Huge range of applications

The allfolin® bag series is our brand for sacks and covers. The primary requirements in this case are packing and protecting. From our extensive product range, we supply refuse sacks in different colours and material thicknesses, sacks and covers for food and non-food applications, e.g. for packaging potatoes, all types of vegetables, meat, cold cuts and many more. We also offer very thin, transparent films for protecting or storing items of clothing, and tear-resistant protective covers for car tyres. The number of uses is almost endless.

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Properties of the allfolin® bag series

Large and light, yet stable

  • Ideal for food and non-food packaging
  • Tear-resistant
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Low moisture permeability
  • Cold and heat-resistant
  • Environmentally responsible and recyclable
  • Custom printing possible

Sustainable material properties?

With our 4 product lines, we can easily meet all customer requirements, even the most complex ones.

Produkt Linie allfolin EN

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White line

100 % recyclable

Perga’s classic tried-and-tested polyethylene products – 100 % recyclable and high quality. Our white line is available in the following designs:
White Line Classic The proven
White Line Öko Emphasises
White Line Premium The exclusive
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Blue line

Recycling as it
should be

We use recycled plastic as our raw material in this product line. You can choose between post-consumer and post-industrial recycling. This helps to protect valuable raw materials and ensures a closed material cycle.
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Color line

Mixing it up

A colourful mix of diverse materials other than plastic, for every conceivable purpose.
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Green line

For the environment

Film manufactured with alternative, sustainable and regenerative raw materials. Our materials are highly environmentally responsible and some are even compostable.

Do you have a special requirement?
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