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that protect and preserve our planet

At Perga, we have a particular responsibility. Unfortunately, many manufacturers use or produce plastic incorrectly and in ways that are very damaging to the environment. We at Perga have been aware of this problem for decades – which is why we changed our production process to a sustainable one with 100 % recyclable products a long time ago. Our company holds a special position in the industry, which means that we want to do everything we can to protect our planet from a build-up of waste in the oceans, illegal disposal of plastics and the exploitation of nature. We therefore support various projects to combat these problems. These are the projects that are close to our heart:

Projekte Nachhaltigkeit – perga GmbH

Seas without plastic
To protect animals and oceans

Plastic cutlery and water bottles – the things that holidaymakers leave behind after a day at the beach pollute our seas for centuries. We support the NABU project “Seas Without Plastic” for preventing the accumulation of waste in the oceans.

One Earth – One Ocean
Maritime waste disposal

The aim of this concept is to collect, sort and process plastic in special waste collection ships in coastal areas and estuaries.

Projekte Nachhaltigkeit – perga GmbH

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